Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Never stop asking: Questions that come up when being in Kosovo

By Lea Bonasera

The first day in Kosovo is over but today`s impressions could count for the entire month. This blog is a perfect platform to share these impressions and present the topics we talked about without making judgments.

Trying to present one`s experiences as objectively as possible might be a tough challenge but is highly important. The one thing that is so clear when being in Kosovo is that everything is about perspectives. There is no right or wrong, it`s like having a glass half full or half empty – both is somehow correct.

One useful way to present today is by sharing the questions that we asked or were asked. Although it is important to look for answers, focusing on the questions alone is also revealing. They tell a lot about the key topics that we encounter in Kosovo without being influenced by any one perspective.  

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