Monday, June 26, 2017

Sensing Kosovo

By Lea Bonasera

Spending ten amazing days in Kosovo, there is one important takeaway from the journey: Kosovo is a beautiful place, both, in terms of landscape and people! Many of my friends think of Kosovo as a conflict area if not even war zone which they would never consider travelling to. I myself saw Kosovo as a post-conflict country rather than the youngest and probably most energetic place in Europe. Kosovo has much to offer that more people need to see. This is why I will use the blog entry to present Kosovo in the way that I experienced it, using the five senses to engage one`s imagination as much as possible.

Seeing Kosovo
In Pristina, where we spent most of our time, there is so much to see. Reaching from the famous “Newborn” sign to the lively boulevard, it is fun to explore the city. However, I dare to say that the countryside is even nicer. Kosovo has really, really, really (cannot stress it enough) beautiful lakes and mountains. Plus, the sky is most of the time cloudless and the sun shines brightly which is perfect for swimming.

Hearing Kosovo
If cheerfulness is audible, you can hear it in Kosovo. There are always people talking and laughing on the street and someone is playing music. Life is happening outside on the streets in Kosovo, during the day but especially during night.

Smelling Kosovo
Whereas Amsterdam provides a smell of weed in the city centre, Pristina is wrapped in cigarette smoke which is kind of hell for asthmatics. On the other hand, it is a paradise for smokers because cigarettes are cheap and it is allowed to smoke in restaurants.

Tasting Kosovo
Bread, bread, bread. Along with the bread there is fish, cheese, and fresh salad. The fruits and vegetables are really juicy and tasteful in Kosovo. For dessert, it is most likely to get some Baklava or Turkish Delight and of course some good old raki. Yummy!

Touching Kosovo
Being in Kosovo means attending a lot of fun meetings and getting to know many people. Handshakes and hugs are, therefore, included in the Peace lab trip. Also, having  kind and welcoming host families, especially host moms, results in getting two-kisses-on-the-cheek for breakfast. 

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