Tuesday, June 7, 2016

2016 Blog Relaunch

By Jasmin Vassilev

Welcome to the 2016 relaunch of the AUC Kosovo blog, Crossing the Bridge! 

This year, 19 new Peace Lab students will be in Kosovo from 7-17 June, 2016. After a one-week crash course in Balkan history and post-conflict 'peace-building', we will explore the different perspectives and stories that Kosovo has to tell. We will also be working on our own projects while we are here, but more on that in the individual updates. All this is for the purpose of trying to understand the past, current, and future developments of this 'newborn nation', the experiences, struggles and hopes of the Kosovar people, as well as the implications in a wider European or global context. 

Two new blog entries can be expected every day for the following three weeks. These blog posts are about sharing our stories and experiences, for telling facts and reflecting on what we have learned. You are kindly invited to read along and to comment on our updates with your own thoughts and experiences. Also, please feel free to share this blog with anyone that might be interested. We are looking forward to taking you along on our journey.  

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