Friday, June 10, 2016


Yesterday we were in North Mitrovica. Here we were introduced to some of the UN agencies that aim to facilitate development in the area. Each UN representative gave an introductory talk after which the students could split up and ask specific questions.

Afterwards, we were expected at the University of Pristina, temporarily resettled in Mitrovica. Meeting with Serb Kosovan students, helped our little brains understand the complexity of the situation better. Bearing in mind that some members of our group had already visited the university two years prior, they were able to put things into context. The meeting felt quite constructive, because the university representatives and students were nuanced in their answers and opinions.

After the meetings, we went to a lake where we swam in the ice-cold water, and had dinner there too. Then we drove to our accommodation for the night, which was a lovely hotel. Lastly, we met some ‘authentic Serbs’ at a pub in one of the majority-Serb municipalities of Kosovo.

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