Friday, June 17, 2016

My baby's gone, my life is over

By Berna Tuvay

Today we travelled back to Damsko. After waking up at 6 AM in Pristina, Sophie’s people gathered at Newborn. Very appropriately, we travelled to our symbolic meeting point by illegal taxi. Awaiting us there was our old friend: the UN bus. With its foldable seats blocking the aisle, it is the dream of every spatial minimiser. At Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari, we said see you later to Bardha and Enver. The flights were all right, most people were napping away. I loved being at Istanbul Atatürk Airport and wished there would be the possibility to go into the city. Maybe in a few of years there will be a course with a field trip to Turkey, since it is an extremely interesting country IR-wise. 

When collecting our luggage at Schiphol, communication with family, friends and most notable Bardha and Enver was reignited. After exchanging some cute voice messages with our new (or old) Albanian friends, the group spread. People went to see their boyfriends, parents, friends or even grandkids. However, on Sunday there will be a reunion in which we will reflect on the whole trip. I hope my little brain will be refuelled by then…

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