Monday, June 27, 2016

I will see you again, Kosovo

By Clara Bikoumou

Leaving Kosovo was harder this time. I do not know when I will see Bardha and Enver again. It is somehow very difficult to realize that it depends on me. Bardha cannot get a visa yet to travel out of Kosovo. I know she is angry, and frustrated and I am as well. Actually, it is also something else. Is it pressure that I feel? Or maybe anxiety? When would I be able to come back and how? It is the second time I feel this way. Last year I went to Uganda and I also met amazing people that are unable to travel out of their country, for economical reasons. Circumstances differ but the situation remains the same: I met wonderful people that do not have the means or the ability to travel. Their freedom of movement is limited, but mine is not and the responsibility that I think I have has grown. It is my responsibility because we care about each other and I know they would do the same for me. It is incredible how you can connect with people in various parts of the world, we are all so similar and it feels so good to know you have sisters and brothers all over the world. More than that, and quite similarly, the people I met in Kosovo and Uganda are game changers in their own way, and I admire them. I do not have advice for them, rather encouragements and they are the same for all the great people we met as a group. We visited incredible organizations and these local initiatives are having such a positive impact on society. They should trust their instinct and always try to stay as independent as they can be from any other donor or organization that would not understand what is really needed. Take Community Building Mitrovica (CMB), they are doing such a good work yet some of their actions were/are hampered by some of their donors that do not understand the complexity of certain situation. I know it is easy to say but all that I can say is that people should believe in the rightness of their actions. I have seen that in Uganda for example, people could start doubting of their actions only because they were questioned by what they believe to be the ‘European’ or ‘Western’ truth. People in Kosovo do not need external entities to tell them what to do; only they know what will bring peace to their hearts. I will see you again Kosovo, and I am sure you will be even more beautiful thanks to your people. 

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