Friday, June 17, 2016

Eh nanana, ani, ani rrina, ani, ani pina, baby

By Berna Tuvay

Our very last day in Kosovo was reserved for project work. The last evening in Kosovo was spent relaxing at a lake. A couple of diehards stepped up and entered the water. Some even chose to peddle an adorable swan-shaped pedalo boat, which also caught the attention of some ‘authentic Albanians’. Other people were more contented with soil below their feet. During the chillings, we had time to put our little brains to rest and recover from the whole trip.

More important was of course the food. Dinner was at a lakeside restaurant with an unparalleled view. After some delicious levrek (lake bass), it was time for some heartfelt conversations. To begin with, the celebration of Nienke’s birthday with an amazing performance by a professional jazz singer: Roos. With a recital of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday’ she gave us a wonderful (bad pun intended!), memorable experience. 

After dinner, the students presented gifts to our beloved interpreters, Bardha and Enver, and our travel agents, Anne and Erik. Then the group took the opportunity to spill what was on their mind. Emotions were running high, especially for yours truly. But when Shelby started talking, hardly anyone could keep it dry. In the meantime, we were getting looks from the restaurant staff, seeing that we were the only ones still at the venue and we were whining there like a bunch of chicks. After the cry-fest, we moved to the bus and drove back to Pristina.

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